Crack open the window to a tastebud paradise of blue skies and salty sea breezes, where the word drinkableness exists. Yes. Say it out loud. Drinkableness.

The Gatherer

The Gatherer is a refreshing beer with a twist of watermelon, cucumber and mint.

Biggie Juice

The 6% East Coast IPA is packin’ with plenty tropical fruit aromas of apricot, peaches and passion fruit with intense cloudy haze.

Pale Ale

Defined by a balance of pale malted barley and tropical hop aromas, Black Hops Pale Ale is light in colour but big in flavour.

Summer Ale

Mountain Goat Summer Ale is a thirst-quencher, low on bitterness but full of fruity, crisp characters.


This 6% OZ/American style IPA is dangerously sessionable, has a light hazy golden hue, balanced bitterness and a refreshing dry finish. Massive tropical/ citrus dry hop character brings it home. Originally by the first YH team but has been revised over time.

California Cream Ale

A straw coloured beer with a smooth and creamy head. It dates back to the early 1800’s in the USA and parts of Canada, with inspiration from German Golden Ales.

Citra Haze IPA

A collaboration with Spanish brewery Garage Beer Co and it’s a super-citrusy, hazy delight.